Monday, July 25, 2016

The Trade List Review

The Trade List, A Hollis Morgan Mystery by R. Franklin James is the fourth book in this mystery suspense series. Hollis Morgan served time in prison for white collar crimes her husband committed. She was finally pardoned.

Now she is a probate attorney at a San Francisco Bay area firm. George Ravel, her manager, inherited a fortune from his newly found birth mother. Unfortunately her dead husband’s family wants all the money from his estate. Ravel has asked Hollis for help.

Meanwhile, Hollis wonders why a dead woman she doesn’t know has an old business card of hers. Come to find out she knew the woman under a different name when in prison. Now the woman has information that could end the careers of several public officials and prominent businessmen.

Someone believes Hollis has a copy of the list of names and they are willing to do anything to get that list. Hollis turns to her Fallen Angels Book Club for help.

The Trade Lists'  two story lines are strong, detailed, with plenty of twists to keep readers turning pages. The unique concept of the Fallen Angels Book Club provides continuity and shows growth in her characters as they look into real life mysteries.

A strong use of details throughout the book gives readers a feeling they are a part of the story.

Although readers can start with any of the books in the series, some may want to start at the beginning, or catch up at a later date, to fill in the background of this interesting and fulfilling mystery.

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